Thursday 29 May 2014

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers are fully recyclable.

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers can be fully recycled
The Ultrabox plastic locker is made from a material that is able to be fully recycled. At the end of the plastic lockers life they can be shredded. These shredded locker fragments then undergo processes to eliminate impurities like paper labels etc. This material is melted down and often extruded into the form of plastic pellets, which are then used to manufacture other products.  For more of the benefits associated with Ultrabox plastic lockers please visit our website or call us on 01444 220290 for details.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Outside Lockers

Outside Lockers using Ultrabox Plastic LockersAre you in need of outside lockers that will keep your personal items and possessions dry and protected from the harsh weather, then we have the perfect lockers for outside usage. The all new Ultrabox Plus lockers offer complete water tight and waterproof storage. With the addition of a neoprene door seal and a waterproof lock we can offer you an extremely strong plastic locker with a choice of door options, colour options and lock options to accommodate your exact storage needs. These outside lockers can be nested in groups or lines of lockers. If your looking for storage lockers for your customers repeat usage we can fit coin retain or coin return locks. No more keys to get lost or not returned. Our super strong outside lockers are vandal resistant, corrosion proof and graffiti proof as well as being washable and offer anti-bacterial properties.

Friday 23 May 2014

School Lockers For Sale

Shelf Space Limited offer a huge range of school lockers for sale throughout the UK. With the next academic year racing toward us Schools and Education establishments look closely at their storage requirements for their pupils and students. We are here to help!
school lockers for sale from Shelf Space Limited
Take a moment to look at our new range of Ultrabox plastic storage lockers that are strong, vandal resistant, graffiti proof. Combine this with the ability to be used both Inside as maybe a swimming pool changing room locker or outside in the harshest of weathers, we have a school locker for every need or environment.
Visit our new website for more details on what storage lockers we have for sale.
The one piece Super strong Polyethylene door and body provide you with a locker built for abuse.  Heavy duty concealed door hinges makes for a truly tamper resistant door. Within our range of school lockers on sale, we presently offer single, 2, 3 and 4 door plastic locker options. You can choose from many different door colours options including green, red, blue and yellow or mix and match the door colours to your very own requirement. If required, you can purchase sloping tops or locker stands plus a huge choice of lock options to match your exact needs.
Feel free to view our new website for additional Information of school locker.

Vandal Resistant Storage Lockers

Vandal Resistant Ultrabox Plastic Lockers 
Ultrabox Vandal Resistant Plastic Lockers from Shelf Space Limited

In some environments there is a need for heavy duty storage lockers. Environments where vandalism and graffiti is a problem. Schools, swimming pools outside storage lockers are open to abuse from vandals and thieves. The all new Ultrabox vandal resistant plastic lockers have been designed with protection in mind with super strong Polyethylene body and doors. Heavy duty concealed hinges give strength and security to the locker doors making it very difficult to prize open. The secure one piece polyethylene body makes a robust and either Ultrabox weather proof or Ultrabox Plus waterproof storage locker work just as well Inside or outside. These storage lockers are available with a choice of doors, colours and door lock options.
For further information about these strong and robust plastic lockers then complete our 'Contact Form' and we will be please to help or call us on 01444 220290
vandal resistant ultrabox lockers

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Waterproof Ultrabox Plus Plastic Lockers

Ultrabox Waterproof Plastic Lockers from Shelf Space Limited
Our new range of Ultrabox Plus plastic lockers provide a watertight weatherproof storage solution with the aid of a simple neoprene rubber seal. These super strong Polyethylene lockers are vandal resistant and corrosion proof, combine this with the wide selection of waterproof locks makes this locker superb value for money. Ideal for Schools, Bike Shelter Storage, Sailing clubs or anywhere there is a need for secure outside storage that is open to the elements. For total piece of mind we offer a manufacturer backed 10 year product guarantee. Ultrabox Plus lockers are able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, suitable for use in conditions ranging from -29°C to 40°. For further information see our new plastic locker website: Ultrabox Plastic Locker

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Our Ultabox New Website

Shelf Space Limited are pleased to announce the launch of their new Ultrabox Plastic Locker website. Please take the time to have a look at our new site. Here you will find details regarding the full range of plastic staff storage lockers supplied by us.

Monday 19 May 2014

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers Perfect for Bike Racks & Cycle Shelters

With schools trying to encourage there pupils to travel to school in a more healthy and environmentally friendly way there has been a huge Increase of schools purchasing additional bike racks for safe and secure cycle storage. But what happens to the cycle helmets, waterproof trousers and associated clothing etc?
Well our range of Ultrabox plastic lockers are perfect for outside storage of personal items being that they are vandal resistant as well as graffiti proof. They also come with a 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind. . They can be sold in two formats. Either as a water resistant plastic locker if located under a cycle shelter / canopy or you could add the waterproof seal to the standard Ultrabox cycle shelter locker to make it into a completely water proof bike rack storage locker.
These strong and robust plastic lockers can be supplied with various locking options. From a standard key lock or hasp and staple padlockable type of lock up to combination or coin / token return locks. The choice is yours!

You can purchase the complete range of Utrabox plastic lockers from a UK based supplier called Shelf Space Limited who are always pleased to offer free advice, so if you have a need for secure outside storage maybe within a school or other educational facilities, then give them a call on 01444 220290 or email them