Monday, 19 May 2014

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers Perfect for Bike Racks & Cycle Shelters

With schools trying to encourage there pupils to travel to school in a more healthy and environmentally friendly way there has been a huge Increase of schools purchasing additional bike racks for safe and secure cycle storage. But what happens to the cycle helmets, waterproof trousers and associated clothing etc?
Well our range of Ultrabox plastic lockers are perfect for outside storage of personal items being that they are vandal resistant as well as graffiti proof. They also come with a 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind. . They can be sold in two formats. Either as a water resistant plastic locker if located under a cycle shelter / canopy or you could add the waterproof seal to the standard Ultrabox cycle shelter locker to make it into a completely water proof bike rack storage locker.
These strong and robust plastic lockers can be supplied with various locking options. From a standard key lock or hasp and staple padlockable type of lock up to combination or coin / token return locks. The choice is yours!

You can purchase the complete range of Utrabox plastic lockers from a UK based supplier called Shelf Space Limited who are always pleased to offer free advice, so if you have a need for secure outside storage maybe within a school or other educational facilities, then give them a call on 01444 220290 or email them

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