Friday, 23 May 2014

Vandal Resistant Storage Lockers

Vandal Resistant Ultrabox Plastic Lockers 
Ultrabox Vandal Resistant Plastic Lockers from Shelf Space Limited

In some environments there is a need for heavy duty storage lockers. Environments where vandalism and graffiti is a problem. Schools, swimming pools outside storage lockers are open to abuse from vandals and thieves. The all new Ultrabox vandal resistant plastic lockers have been designed with protection in mind with super strong Polyethylene body and doors. Heavy duty concealed hinges give strength and security to the locker doors making it very difficult to prize open. The secure one piece polyethylene body makes a robust and either Ultrabox weather proof or Ultrabox Plus waterproof storage locker work just as well Inside or outside. These storage lockers are available with a choice of doors, colours and door lock options.
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vandal resistant ultrabox lockers

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