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School lockers for sale - It's that time of year again when Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities start looking at updating or replacing student / pupil storage lockers for the start of the next academic year. The life of a school storage locker can be very harsh with keys being lost and doors having to be replaced due to vandalism or misuse. Our new range of Ultrabox Plastic school lockers do their very best to combat a lot of these problems having been designed for its strength and robustness.
School Lockers For Sale from Shelf Space Limited
The one piece Polyethylene door and body is extremely strong. Heavy duty concealed door hinges makes for a truly tamper resistant door. Within our range of school lockers on sale presently we offer single, 2, 3 and 4 door plastic locker options. You can choose from 4 different door colours green, red, blue and yellow or mix and match the door colours to create a visual experience for pupils and teachers alike. To stop the collection of rubbish and personal belonging being left on top of our school lockers we offer a 150mm high sloping top. To increase the height further and to be able to sweep under the plastic storage lockers you can purchase locker stands which raise the locker up of the floor.
School lockers for sale with sloping tops
We understand there is a massive need and multiple uses for school lockers, not just for pupil/ student personal storage in cloakrooms and outside the classroom but in School swimming pools, wet area changing rooms and particularly outside storage. All these area's need a strong vandal resistant weather proof or maybe waterproof locker that we can offer for sale through our Ultrabox Plastic locker website.
What about pupils losing their keys, well we can offer lockers with just a swivel lock with no keys or padlocks for Junior / Primary schools. We sell lockers with swivel catches that are locked using a padlock, so each pupil is responsible for supplying their own locking method or we can offer a combination locking system where a combination can be input by the pupil but the teacher can have a override key for if and when a student forgets a combination.
For sale Lockers for schools, colleges and Universities

We don't just sell plastic school lockers but a huge range of steel, laminate and wooden door lockers to meet any application and budget.
For Information regarding the lockers we sell please visit our Ultrabox Plastic Locker Website or contact us using the 'Contact Us' form on this blog.

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